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Announcement: The UnSunday Blog

July 04, 2022 Mike Adams Episode 73
The UnSunday Show
Announcement: The UnSunday Blog
Show Notes

I lost all my drive and passion to write following my crash and burn in 2009. As a pastor who spent years in performance-based Christianity, I hit a wall of performance in 2009 and I went from full-on to full-stop overnight. Relationships were lost, friendships were lost, and in the process my passion for writing and speaking evaporated. Recently, that passion has returned. There's a lot more to that story but perhaps another time.

Today, I'm announcing the launch of my new blog, the UnSunday Blog. The UnSunday Blog is a companion site to the UnSunday Show and should complement it well. For those of you who prefer reading over listening to a podcast, the UnSunday Blog will give both you and me an opportunity to dive deeper into the topics I share. Here's the link to the UnSunday Blog:

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