March 13, 2023

Our Jesus Revolution

The recently released movie, The Jesus Revolution, brought back many memories for us of the early days of our lives as Jesus People because we were both there to experience some of it. Mike came to Jesus in January of 1973 in the Calvary Chapel tent at a Saturday night concert and Susan met Jesus in the summer of 1973 at an ocean baptism in Pirate's Cove. If you've seen the movie, or if you were there too, you know of these places. We didn't know each other at that time but after we married in 1974, we moved to Costa Mesa where we were part of that first Calvary Chapel.

The episode artwork for this episode is a picture of us taken at Huntington Beach at the time that we lived in Costa Mesa and we were a part of the original Calvary Chapel.

Here's a link to the video Susan mentioned:


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