June 26, 2022

Bringing Moses Into The New Covenant: Additional Thoughts On The Law Abolished

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In this episode I talk through some additional thoughts and recap some topics from last week's episode with Joel Brueseke on the law abolished. In addition to what I talk about in this episode, my biggest question concerning this issue of the law is simply "Why?" Why do we tend to think the law, defined in scripture as "weak and useless", and given only to a specific people group in another obsolete covenant, is in some way binding on us today in the New Covenant? Some theological traditions slice the law up into sections in order to get some of it into the New Covenant, calling part of it "moral law" and insist that only this "moral" section applies to us in the New Covenant. But why do we tend to be so preoccupied with bringing Moses into the New Covenant? Where did this come from and why is it there?

I also correct something that I believe I said in error in the last episode during my conversation with Joel. This has to do with being dead to the law.

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