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Deeply appreciated

I’m thankful for conversations like these. Thanks, Mike.

I love it bro. Please keep putting it out there.

I love it bro. Please keep putting it out there.

Thank you

Thank you Mike for continuing to podcast. When you stepped away for a bit I missed listening to your show. Your material continues to be relevant and a blessing.


I love all of the podcasts. They are freedom producing as they tell the truth about the simple Gospel of grace.

UnSunday Show

I’m just getting into the UnSunday Show, and I can’t say I’ve listened to every episode, but Mike is awesome. I believe God has been putting certain people in my life to display the simplicity of the gospel of grace. Mike has done a great job showing the gospel of grace in its authenticity apart from institutional religion.

Appreciate your honesty Susan

While not a pastors wife I have come across many of those same issues. To have someone literally speak out loud the same thoughts I have wrestled with is so... refreshing, so honest. It's a blessing to know also I'm not alone!

Finally Blessed!

Mike/Susan, I just really want you two to know, what a blessing this episode was, 5 regrets, because you two spoke about things that I have brought up to those “in charge” and I was an outcast because of it. Many many things you guys talked about today I totally agree with, and for so many years I thought I was alone in my thinking. So, thank you! Hope we can re-connect sometime soon.

Amazing, relevant content

This content is so needed in the Church today.

Thanks Mike as per norm you knocked out the park all these 'traditions' that have had such an adverse effect on me and countless others I'm sure...thank God for His Amazing Grace ❤✝️❤😀


I LOVED the Tyndale series. It was so good I immediately bought the book. This is another fantastic Grace podcast. I am so thankful for podcasts like this.

5 Words

Hey Mike, loved your series on the five words that got William Tyndale killed! Very well done, encouraging and a unique approach to the biography. Thank you for putting it together. Your friend and brother in the gospel, el otro Miguel

Helpful and thought provoking

This podcast digs into scripture to examine our beliefs about “church”. I find the questions asked insightful, and the scripture given to support the answers offered accurately applied and helpful. If you are on a journey of examining our cultural “church” context in search of a deeper and more scripturally based enjoyment of Christian community, this podcast should prove helpful.

Perfect Find For my Spiritual Questions

As a child raised Sunday School and every bible study I have come to have am any questions in my adulthood. I am very grateful to have found this podcast to help me flourish and research deeper into my faith. This podcast is uncomfortable, especially if you are currently apart of a church that subscribes to what he discusses in the podcast. However, he opens up dialogue that many DONT. Great listen!

Great podcast

I love how the host and his guests dissect traditions in the church to see whether traditions (and theological stances like tithing) are biblical, cultural or simply handed down because it’s tradition. He challenges us to examine scripture in context and isn’t afraid to ask hard questions.