July 1, 2019

Church and Ekklesia: A Conversation With Bonnie Petroschuk

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Welcome to episode 18 of The UnSunday Show. This episode is a conversation I had earlier today with my friend, Bonnie Petroschuk about her recent journey out of the institutional church and into Ekklesia. In her own words, Bonnie was known as "Mrs. Church" and was shocked by her own journey as she began to see and understand the significant differences between the two and realized she could no longer stay in the institutional system. I think you'll be encouraged by Bonnie's story and parts of it will be like your own.
 You'll find Bonnie's blog at: http://goodnewsofgodsgrace.blogspot.com/
We also talked about, and I recommend:


Bonnie PetroschukProfile Photo

Bonnie Petroschuk

Bonnie is a wife, the mother of three amazing grown children and the proud "Grammie" of six delightful grandsons.

In recent years, Bonnie, a lifelong Christian, has been in the process of reexamining, through the lens of the gospel, all that she was taught in the institutional religious setting known as church. She says that the task of separating what 2000 years of church tradition has appropriated from scripture and subsequently slapped on its own distorted meanings, all but burying the original intent, is proving to be a difficult but gratifying journey.