May 15, 2022

If Joshua Had Given Them Rest...

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Did you know that at least 3 times in the Old Testament book of Joshua, we're told that under Joshua's leadership, the Israelites rested in the Promised Land? But when we come to the New Testament letter to the Hebrews, we're told he didn't give them rest. So what gives? Why does Joshua tell us they experienced rest but Hebrews tells us they didn't, but that the promise of rest is still pending?  Let's see if we can't untangle that a little bit in this episode.

Links I mention in this episode:

  • A shout out to Tyler, Uriah, and Hector at The Gospel Perspective Podcast. They interviewed me a while back in my excitement to unpack my recording gear a couple of episodes ago, I forgot to mention it. Shame on me! i had a great time with them! Check out the link or subscribe in your favorite podcast app.

  • The UnSunday Show website is moving! Yes, before long the current UnSunday Show website is moving to this one: You can bookmark it now or wait a week until points to it. It's part of some downsizing I desperately need to do.

Facebook has announced that they will no longer be supporting podcast pages, beginning in June. In light of that, I will be shutting down the UnSunday Show Facebook page in the very near future.

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