May 1, 2022

My Conversation With Matt McMillen

The New Covenant, the cross, Jesus, church, grace, faith, a believer's identity, false ideas about the Bible and God's view of us, Matt's new podcast and YouTube channel, and Matt's story are some of the topics Matt and I talk about in this episode. This episode is packed with content that I hope encourages you and challenges you as Matt and I explore these topics that are so foundational to knowing who we are in Jesus and what we've been freely given. So grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and listen in.

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Matt McMillen

Author / Podcaster

Matt McMillen is a bestselling Christian author and minister of the New Covenant. His books and massive social media ministry has taught countless amounts of people their true identity in Christ. Matt’s easy-to-understand biblical teachings have helped build confidence in his readers, break lifelong addictions, and find their true purpose for living: enjoying God’s grace through Jesus Christ!