Feb. 28, 2019

Pastors and Pulpits

Welcome to episode 5 of the UnSunday Show.

"Wherever the pulpit is going, that's where the church is going."

That statement appeared in my Twitter feed not long ago. Unfortunately, it's true. In our modern-day top-down hierarchal church structures, one man or one woman is at the helm, driving the entire institution. Far from being an accomplishment to be celebrated, this structure is a symptom of something gone terribly wrong in the history of the church. The centrality of the pulpit and the person behind it has crippled and rendered lame, the functioning of the one anothers within the body of Christ. The priesthood of every believer has been reduced to a priesthood of a select few. Let's talk about it.
 The two blog posts I reference in this episode that this episode is based on: